We produce five Pinot Noirs from our estate Kite’s Rest Vineyard


Anderson Valley


Kite's Rest Pinot Noir is the wine that our estate hillside vineyard in Anderson Valley was designed to produce.  It is a blend of three different clones (Dijon 114 and 115 and Pommard) from the three distinct vineyard blocks (Redwoods' Edge, Stony Terrace and River Turn) in the vineyard. This wine offers a wonderful balance between the elegance and aromatics of the Redwoods' Edge block with the richness and length of the Pommard clone from the Stony Terrace and River Turn blocks. We produce approximately 900 cases annually.

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Redwoods' Edge Pinot Noir is from the top hillside vineyard block of our estate vineyard, surrounded by Redwood trees. This block has the steepest slope in the vineyard, and is planted with the Dijon 114 and 115 clones.  The wine from this block is typically the most elegant, aromatic and complex of our block designate wines, offering the greatest aging potential.  We produce 150 to 200  cases annually.

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Stony Terrace Pinot Noir is produced from the sun-drenched middle block from our estate vineyard.  The clone is Pommard. This wine is typically the boldest Pinot Noir we produce with incredible richness and length, with a wonderful mix of black fruit flavors (such as blackberry, plum and Bing  cherry).  We produce 150 to 200 cases  annually.   

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River Turn Pinot Noir is from a vineyard block that lies along the side of the Navarro River.  This block is planted with the Pommard clone and typically yields a multifaceted wine with a similar richness and length to Stony Terrace, coupled with a mix brown spices and dark cherry flavors.  We produce 150 to 200 cases annually.

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Angel Hawk Pinot Noir is the reserve wine that we produce from Kite's Rest Vineyard only in the best vintages. Depending on the vintage, between three and six of the most age-worthy barrels are selected from the three vineyard blocks for Angel Hawk.  This selection occurs after the first 11 months of barrel aging.  The wine in these barrels is then blended together and returned to oak for a total of 24 months of barrel aging.  We produce between 75 and 150 cases of Angel Hawk in select years.

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