Our Pinot Noir wines are single vineyard wines that reflect the character of each individual vineyard or vineyard block, and the growing conditions of each vintage. The Pinot Noir grape has earned its reputation for being one of the most challenging to grow.  But, it is also one of the best in reflecting the site where it is grown and the particular conditions during each growing season. And, when the wine is made with a deft touch, the results are exceptional and memorable.  We love California and the elegant, well balanced, rich, multi-layered, complex and site-specific wines that be made from our coastal vineyards.  Because Pinot Noir is so site specific, we need to understand the nuances of each particular vineyard and vineyard block, and we are fortunate to work with exceptional farming teams that can make fine adjustments throughout the growing season. We source our Pinot Noir grapes from our unique Kite’s Rest Vineyard in Anderson Valley, and from the best vineyards in the Sonoma Coast and Santa Lucia Highlands appellations.

To make these site-specific Pinot Noirs we harvest the grapes in the early morning hours and transport them immediately to the winery.  The grapes are sorted, destemmed, and cold soaked for 48 hours. They are then inoculated with Burgundian yeast and punched down three times daily.  After fermentation the wines are aged for anywhere between 11 and 24 months in a mix of new and one-year old French oak barrels from the Allier, Vosages, Troncais and Bertranges forests. The resulting wines are elegantly structured, well balanced and age worthy.  We also strive for Pinot Noirs with wonderful depths of flavor, full mouth feel and lingering finishes.  But with a restrained approach to winemaking, each wine reflects the character of the vineyard site and the particular conditions of that growing season. The wines are generally released two years after harvest and can be enjoyed upon release, but an additional five to seven years of aging will reward the patient.